Introducing: The AD TECH Evolution Report

Because you only get one shot at fame.

Welcome to our AD TECH Evolution Report

The Ad Tech Evolution Report is our dedicated weekly newsletter highlighting the latest, most critical developments in the space of digital marketing and advertising.

It's our director’s cut of headlines & insights specifically curated for the travel & tourism industry professional. 

Stay informed on the latest exciting roll-outs and strategic shifts happening with the big publishing platforms, new contenders, content strategy, devices, connectivity, emerging markets, consumer trends, and much more.

Digital is a big and growing space. Learn how the ecosystem functions. Look beyond the usual suspects to find inspiration on the future of advertising in travel.

Fame is the new water.

Everyone wants it. Everyone needs it.  People will go where they can find it. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Shop at Amazon. Always be publishing. Always be marketing.


Communicate with color, flare, imagination, creativity, originality, and purpose.


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