AdTech Evolution No. 7 | Beyond The Travel Bubble

August 16th, 2018

Inspire, Inform, Entertain. In that order.
— LB

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A few words about this weekly newsletter - before the feed.

Is this a travel industry newsletter?

YES. The AdTech Evolution is my response to the insularity that the travel industry finds itself in.  Some accuse the industry of fearing change. My spin: Keeping up with change is exhausting - especially in travel. This is a big and interconnected ecosystem. One could spend a lifetime inside the snow globe of industry conferences, meetings, updates, developments etc. We all have lives. Those busy running teams and companies sometimes lack the luxury to ponder on the bigger picture.

Beyond the bubble.

There are plenty of newsy publications that will keep you up on what's happening inside the bubble.

If you're looking for breaking news about hotel loyalty programs, online travel, direct hotel booking share, airline merchandising, GDS acquisitions, failed startups (god rest their souls), conference highlights - pretty much anything directly related to travel - then go elsewhere.

If you're still here, then you see vast forces pushing their way in. Immense companies, powerful channels, new formats and trends shaping the immediate and distant future of travel.

Be the John Snow of travel.

It’s hard to keep up. Think of me as your travel insider taking time out to bring you updates from beyond the wall. You are busy. Be your best John Snow. I have a three-point litmus test when deciding what to include:

  • Does it inspire? Is it innovative, forward thinking, well thought out?
  • Does it inform? Is it accurate. Is it reputable. You will not find click bait here. Only substance.
  • Does it entertain? Feel free to wait until after lunch to read this. You will not fall asleep.

Bring in new material and fresh perspective to you next meeting.

Why AdTech

The business of travel often comes down to how it's packaged and sold.  Advertising is still part art and part science. Bad creative should be avoided at all costs. Ad formats and channels are in constant flux. The AdTech Evolution is all about reaching audiences in new and creative ways.

Original screen grab format.

There is order to the madness.  The feed is a curated stream specifically designed for busy travel leaders and investors looking for insights in a digestible format. Click the image and click off to the full read.

Thanks for sticking with me.

The AdTech Evolution

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