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The NYC Branded Real Estate Forum | LUFT

The BRE Forum brings together fresh minds across hospitality, residential, and commercial ecosystems, to strategize on building next-generation accommodations brands.


Convergent Sessions.

Modern spaces leverage digital and empower convenience, community, connectivity, and flexibility. The common denominator is brand. This is the time to think different. Forge new partnerships. Break down silos. Hear from top brands and thought leaders across real estate asset classes, tech, digital marketing & distribution, property management, media, and urban design. Create the white space for value-driven innovation and long-run growth.

The future of living is branded.


Research & Insights


The U.S. Net Migration Report, Big Regions 2010-2018 takes a granular look at the population inflows and outflows taking place within America’s ten largest metropolitan areas. Not all growth is created equal. Migration trends say a lot about why a given region is growing or declining.


This report analyzes the relative availability, concentration, and wages of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) talent across twenty of the largest regional labor markets in the United States. Employers require sophisticated skill sets rooted in STEM. The future economic development of cities and regions also depends on their ability to attract and retain that talent.



Premium Insights

Attendees gain complementary research from the insights portal.


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