The future of work is the future of mobility.

Thanks for visiting. This is where we bring together our most recent research and views on the forces shaping the global flow of people, capital, ideas, and experiences. To us, the future of work is all about the deeper transformation now taking place in human mobility; the travel industry should be front and center of this conversation.
- Luke Bujarski, founder @ LUFT

WeWorking Global Business Travel: The Rise of Flexible Real Estate, Implications for Travel & Hospitality

This is a presentation I gave at the Short Stay Show in London last March. WeWork and other flexible commercial real estate operators are transforming the way enterprises think about global growth and workforce management.

The WeWork Global Map

WeWork is rapidly expanding into key urban areas. Here is our handy World of WeWork map. All office locations in one place. Filter by status category to see where WeWork is (and isn’t).

Talent Cluster Research

The rise of flexible real estate is creating unique opportunity for cities and regions to attract new employers and talent. Workforce training and preparedness is critical. The following report highlights the current state of STEM readiness across the twenty largest U.S. metropolitan regions. Here, we apply talent cluster research methods to assess STEM employment volumes, concentrations, and compensation across regions.

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