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Deep Dive Into MINDBODY and Wellness Distribution In Travel

MINDBODY, the software company and marketplace for wellness-related businesses, is one to watch. The company’s rise as the dominant marketing and distribution platform for wellness businesses reflects on the bigger shifts now happening in brick-and-mortar commerce, and how travelers engage with local businesses.
— LB


This report analyzes the intersections of wellness services marketing and distribution, travel, and the evolution of the in-destination travel experience through the lens of MINDBODY (MB), a rapidly growing business software company and marketplace for fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses. The MB business model is powerful and unique. It integrates vital business functions and pulls from numerous revenue streams including business software subscription sales, payments processing, and increasingly advertising. The company’s rise as the dominant platform for wellness businesses reflects on a broader transformation and evolution of the in-destination experience for travel consumers. Our sizing estimates indicate that total travel expenditures on wellness-related services for the U.S. market alone fall within the US$15-20 billion dollar range. This presents a significant total opportunity for MINDBODY the wellness marketplace, and the businesses powered by MINDBODY, but also travel intermediaries and brands looking to diversify beyond traditional tourism-related product categories.

Select questions addressed in this report:

- How big is the wellness opportunity for travel brands?
- How big is the travel opportunity for MINDBODY?
- What makes the MINDBODY business model unique?
- What is the nexus between wellness services distribution and traditional travel product distribution?
- How can travel brands align with MINDBODY to capitalize on the rise of the mobile wellness consumer?
- What can travel brands learn from the deeper transformation now taking place in local commerce?

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