Flipkey Brand Days Could Be Numbered

By Luke Bujarski

As TripAdvisor wrestles with ramping up Instant Booking, growth in China, Viator and a slew of other initiatives, it's probably safe to assume that Flipkey as a vacation rental brand has inched toward the bottom of the priority list. It's no secret that consolidating its vacation rentals inventory under one roof is part of a bigger strategy for TRIP, as a way to create a one-stop-shop experience, while cutting costs through consolidation.

With heavy hitters like Airbnb and HomeAway, not to mention rising vacation rental meta upstarts like tripping.com out of California and roomlr.nl out of Amsterdam, TripAdvisor could be hard pressed to make traction with Flipkey.

Consolidation also makes sense on the technology front. Flipkey already shares its platform and mobile app with TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals; this will not change and speaks volumes about the future direction of the brand.