The U.S. Will Likely Look to Spain to Help Build its High-Speed Rail Network

Renfe AVE Spain’s high-speed rail operator recently celebrated its 25th year of operation, by offering massive fare discounts (up to 75%) on select routes. Over the generation, the public entity has built out Europe’s most extensive high-speed rail network spanning over 4,000 km of track. Increasingly, the operator is looking outward to help build and operate rail projects around the world. In December, Renfe along with a consortium of other Spanish and foreign companies, successfully inaugurated high-speed service between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. The company now claims to be in good position to win contracts in the U.S., after coming in second to German operator Deutche Bahn on a bid to help build the Los Angeles-San Francisco service to be completed by 2030. Renfe is also looking closely at the U.K. and Latin America including Costa Rica and Brazil for new projects. Trend: National rail operators are going global with China, Germany, and Spain on track to build global transportation enterprises.