Hi Jeff! Please Help Share My Home

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Hey Jeff,

Thanks for delivering our groceries last week - oh, and for my copy of Meditations. Also stoked to finally install my Echo for hands-free listening to my favorite Spotify jams.

Reaching out because I’ll be out in Miami end of June. Heading there for a boys weekend! Wondering if you could connect me with other Prime members in the area? Looking for a good rate on a rental and hear we get special deals.

Could you also put the word out that my apartment will be available that week. We have a charming little one-bedroom in the West Village - but you already know that ;)

Airbnb says that I could just about cover the cost of my trip. Can you make me a better offer? I’m sure you can find a Prime member willing to pay top dollar for it.

What if I sign on with Amazon Home Management for a year? Would be great to come home to a clean bathroom and a stocked kitchen. You know how much I love that 365-brand hummus. Have also thought about hooking up the Ring, so that next time your crew can just come right in.

Discounts all around!

Thanks Jeff,

Your fan and faithful Prime community member,


P.S. Good luck with Trump. Keep up the good work.

LUFT is a new type of travel market & industry research firm. Last week we launched our coverage of Amazon, and how Jeff stands to make a bundle on the home rental economy. Full of deep analysis - more to come. Key takeaway: Forget about online hotel distribution. Short-term rental management contracts are where it’s at. Own the supply.