Uber is a taxi service, say European Courts

We all have a sense of what an automated future will look like.  Much of this will play out at the local level. Today European courts ruled that Uber is a taxi service and should be treated as one by regulators. Federations, nations and cities all go about controlling the gig economy in different ways and for different reasons. The Union wants to stall U.S. enterprises to give European counterparts a chance. Nations see tax revenue potential. Local regulators want to create jobs and to keep their constituents happy. We wonder how this will help or hurt Europe’s innovation economy.

Data: Spain and beyond - easyJet Market Penetration by Country

U.K. based low cost airline easyJet expects to boost its passenger numbers flying through Barcelona-El Prat Airport to 3.1 million in 2016,  a 12% jump compared to 2015. The company announced that Barcelona will become the U.K. airline's base of Spanish operations where it serves 18 destinations in the country. In total, easyJet foresees 4% growth in its Spanish air traffic to 13.5 million passengers.

From Sales to Marketing, A New Era For Europe's High Street

Traditional, brick-and-mortar travel agencies still serve and important function within Europe's online travel ecosystem. Tradition, trust, and culturally embedded travel behavior make the traditional travel agency relevant in Europe's biggest markets. Store-front travel agents are on the rapid decline throughout Europe, but their footprint remains pervasive within the region's key travel markets. Various technological, economic, and strategic factors have lead to the decline of the traditional travel agent.  Each market is a bit different. How the broader travel ecosystem incorporates the still extensive network of shops and travel industry professionals will depend on these factors.