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Apple Inc. Is Transforming Travel Through Maps, and Could Acquire Yelp in the Process

Take a look at the latest Apple Maps app to understand the company's evolving ambitions in travel and tourism. Maps has gone a long way from its bumpy 2012 launch, and Tim Cook's public apology explaining why Google Maps no longer came installed on iPads and iPhones. Three years and a handful of iOS upgrades later, and Apple has made some significant improvements to its mapping feature that very clearly point to the company's deepening relationship with travelers.

Ten Shades of Bleisure Travel

Business or pleasure? Both. The travel industry has recently begun to stir around the concept of ‘bleisure’ travel. Yes it’s a jarring portmanteau describing the blurring of the lines between business and leisure travel. However annoying, it does capture a fundamental essence of how travel is changing these days. Bleisure (or the concept behind it) goes much deeper than just a few extra room nights and meals.