Reserve with Google (RwG): Connectivity Partners Database

There is more than one way to connect your travel business to the new Google in-destination services marketplace.

All manner of appointments-driven businesses, from restaurants to nail salons to guided tour operators, are connecting to become bookable on Google. The company is moving quickly to aggregate a fragmented landscape of connectivity partners, in order to make that happen. Currently, businesses must go through a partner to feed real-time availability and pricing into Google. Sorry, no direct connect.




Our RwG Connectivity Partners Database offers a structured view of this middle layer of solutions providers and marketplaces. Some are smaller specialized in specific verticals e.g. barber shops. Others are established publicly-traded companies including Square and Eventbrite.

Attributes Tracked | Filter by

- List of all integration partners (65)
- Detailed company description
- Employee head count
- Company Type (Marketplace, Scheduling, Solution)
- Industries Served (e.g. Dining, Wellness, Beauty)
- Year Established
- Markets served (e.g. U.S., Europe, Latin America)
- Country HQ
- Capital Raised
- Relevant articles / media coverage

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