2016 Colombian Travel Market Forecast: Cheap Peso Attracts Millennials, Zika Impact Palpable

Medellin, Colombia today vibes similar to what Barcelona was in the early 1990s. Still under the radar, bohemian, international, with a forward-thinking local governance and energetic local pride. With the peso at bottom dollar, the city's popularity is trending even hotter with foreign millennials, backpackers, gap-year goers, and young adventure seekers. Travel incidence among Colombian travelers is also on the rise.

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If TripAdvisor Were an OTA, How Big Would It Be?

Online travel agencies, including Priceline and Expedia, often report on 'gross bookings' as a key performing metric and relative market share measuring stick. It represents the total value of travel products sold including taxes and fees. TripAdvisor has yet to report on gross bookings (probably never will) but its new position as a direct booking platform warrants a closer comparison.

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