Q349: How will urban biking culture evolve in line with mobility platforms like Lyft and Uber?

February 25th, 2019

Lyft has claimed the title of America’s largest bikesharing service, operating programs in New York, San Francisco, Boston, D.C. and other major metro areas.
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On this episode of QuestCast, we talk to Jon Orcutt a former policy director for the New York City Department of Transportation and now communications director for Bike New York, to better understand the state and future of micro-mobility in NYC. Jon was part of the planning process with the Citi Bike program and now shares his perspective on its trajectory in line with growing competition between Uber and Lyft for the massive urban mobility market.

Questions Addressed:

- How has bike sharing transformed the New York City experience?
- What is the state of Citi Bike after Lyft’s acquisition of Motivate?
- How is e-mobility impacting city bike tour operators?
- How is New York embracing different modes of e-transport e.g. scooters?
- Is there an opportunity to better connect visitors to these modes of transport?
- Where does Uber-owned JUMP bike currently stand in New York City?
- What will New York transit look like five years from now?

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