How TikTok uses its shaky watermark to grow its brand on Instagram

TikTok, the Chinese ByteDance short-form, music video sharing app, is already bigger than SnapChat and Twitter and is beginning to break out of its tween origins. The novel format engages our musical and image-wired brains, to the point of making western king of visual content Instagram fall rather flat on user experience.

It also deploys a subtle yet deeply effective tactic to build its wave following: That shaky little TikTok watermark that shows up on cross-platform shares.

National Basketball Association (NBA) post

National Basketball Association (NBA) post

Unknown user

Unknown user

Instagram’s sharing feature is underdeveloped and second to the overall user experience. TikTok has smartly put it front and center by enabling sharing across all Facebook properties - i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. 

One can also save posts in GIF or video format. The feature also suggests to the user which channels to share on (presumably based on past behavior) by pulsing the app icon during video play. Whichever way content is shared, the TikTok watermark is right there with you.


Brand marketer tip #3: Double the return on your content efforts by freely sharing TikTok content to Instagram.

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