Reserve with Google Adds Eight More

January 29th, 2019

Reserve with Google is a big deal for the company. It reflects on the evolution of search more generally, and the deeper integration of Google applications into local life and commerce.
— LB

Eight new partners have joined Reserve with Google since we last updated our Connectivity Partners Database:; ClickyPass; Guestonline; Hospitality Digital; SeatNinja; TableCheck; Vaniday; and Wisely.

Correction - is now live with Google. The rest are coming soon. There are now 83 connectivity players in total, spread across different business categories and geographies.

Why do we track these companies?

1. Because Google is betting big on this next evolution of search.
2. Because brick-and-mortar business success will depend on it.
3. Because consolidation across this middle layer will likely follow.
4. Because we like structured lists and data.

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Who should care

Local businesses, distributors, marketplaces, investors.

Reserve with Google is the new feature that plugs local businesses into Google Maps and Search. This includes scheduling, booking, and payments. It’s a big deal for the company because it is a stepping stone in the evolution of local search and the company’s ads-driven business.

It’s also a big deal for brick-and-mortar businesses - including travel-related service providers. Beyond the obvious implications i.e. mobile computing and visibility on Google, competition will grow in lock-step with the development of new marketing channels aimed at the lucrative travel consumer.

The verdict is still out on whether Reserve with Google will take off and in which categories. We have our views.

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