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Featured Reports

TikTok Mania: Critical Brand Marketing And Ad Strategies For Travel & Hospitality

TikTok is becoming a critical component to any brand marketing strategy. This analysis offers valuable insight on how marketers can transform TikTok into a revenue generator, rather than another cost center. We also include our Meme Archetype Guide which we developed by analyzing over 3,000 pieces of content. Use it to create viral campaigns.

The LiveWork Report: The Hospitality Guide To Flexible Real Estate

The LiveWork Report is a visual guide to flexible real estate which includes flex commercial and residential brands now emerging. This is an exciting time to be in real estate. Traditional categories and classifications of property have become more fluid. The process of buying, selling, and managing rented spaces is now easier with the help of technology. Classic demarcations between asset classes are starting to blur. Homes are becoming hotels, hotels are becoming offices, and offices are becoming both homes and hotels.

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