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Deep Dive Into MINDBODY

This report analyzes the intersections of wellness and traditional travel product distribution through the lens of MINDBODY (MB), a rapidly growing business software company and marketplace for fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses. The MB business model is powerful and unique. It pulls from numerous revenue streams including software sales, payments processing, and increasingly advertising. Preview Here.

2019 Perspective

There is no crystal ball. Curiosity is the closest thing to it. Predictions are static. What makes sense today will make no sense tomorrow. Conditions change. Risk is inherent. Questions are dynamic. They open doors. We aim to ask better questions in 2019.

It’s been 20 years since the birth of online travel, over ten years since the birth of mobile computing, 15 years of social media, ten years of personalization, over ten years of peer-to-peer rentals, and just under ten years for ridesharing. Online bookings are now pervasive. Rentals are not really P2P any more, and ridesharing isn’t really ride sharing. Facebook monopolizes social media. Organic traffic is now paid traffic. It’s no longer the Wild West. The rules of the game are set. Time to seek blue oceans, again.


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Google is both a competitor and invaluable customer acquisition channel for the online travel agencies. As the company leans further into travel, how will the OTAs adjust their road map for the year ahead?

Vacasa is a tech-driven short-term rentals property management platform and reflects on a bigger trend toward consolidation and deepening focus on property owner relationships within the short-term rentals space.

Convergent Thinking

Travel marketplaces are our specialty.

Google will transform local commerce. Learn about the implications for online travel and tours & activities industry.

Beyond the Wall

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New Frameworks.

Questions are the answer. Learn about QUEST360, our query-driven approach to tracking travel industry trends.


Deep Dives

Platform evolution.

This is your go-to report highlighting TripAdvisor’s competitive position in online travel.

Systems analysis.

Travel is no longer a zero-sum game.

All manner of local businesses will soon become online bookable on Google. Learn about the implications and the ecosystem. Access our Reserve with Google connectivity partners database.

Sizing opportunity.

Channeling lifetime value.

Assessing market opportunity for tour operators.

LUFT worked with a large U.S. based guided tour operator to assess potential to expand into new experience categories. The client, an established brand with a loyal but aging customer base, wanted to diversify its overall offering by adding fresh product aimed at a younger demographic.